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Anguilla: A pocket guide

As far as Caribbean islands go, Anguilla is incredibly fortunate. Unlike its larger neighbors, this virtually hotel-free island is home to only the most discreet developments. Small boutique hotels, private vacation villas, and upscale spa resorts are all that can be found along the 16-mile-long pristine beaches of this exotic utopia lying just north of St. Kitts. Here, you’ll find a flawless coastline, a rich cultural history, and a laid-back way of life that exudes low-key elegance. Exclusive and secluded, Anguilla is quite simply the perfect place to slip off the radar and relax in style.

Where to Stay in Anguilla

In recent years, the island has become home to the Caribbean’s highest concentration of luxury properties, boasting the aptly named “super villas” as a specialty. Housed on the western side of Anguilla, Shoal Bay and Meads Bay attract a highbrow clientele with ocean views to be gazed upon from plush private pools.

Each element of the island reflects its purposefully unique atmosphere. Owned by its inhabitants, Anguilla proudly welcomes all visitors to enjoy everything it has to offer. So take your pick and stroll along one of the 33 white-sand beaches, or if a little more discretion is required, lie back and relax on your own private beach. Whether you stay close to a secluded spot just a few short strides from your doorstep or prefer your days filled with exploration, you will truly be spoiled for choice.

What to Do in Anguilla

For a day of shopping, take comfort in the lack of mega malls and opt instead to peruse the high-end art galleries and independent boutiques of the island. While retail therapy can at times raise the heart rate, for something a little more adrenaline-fueled, choose from an extensive range of water sports. Sailing, windsurfing, and water-skiing can be arranged both for rental and bespoke tuition across the island.

At the end of an afternoon of spending or sailing the ocean, a good meal is required. Catering to all tastes, Anguillan cuisine is both varied and available in abundance. Fine dining restaurants, beach bars, and humble food shacks are dotted along the coastline and further inland. Seafood is the main attraction on many menus. The local fish and lobster dishes have gained quite the reputation, and both are widely considered the best in the Caribbean.

So when planning a family trip to the Caribbean, consider the exclusivity of Anguilla to be the ultimate option. A balance of culture, stunning scenery, and exceptional hospitality make for a luxury vacation to be enjoyed away from the crowds of other Caribbean islands.

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