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Below are our UltraVilla Global Advisors. If you can’t find an expert in the destination you would like to visit, or for the type of property you would like to rent, contact one of our knowledgeable and well-connected advisors for help.

Supreme Privacy & Luxury

One of the blissful pleasures of staying at a private lodge is having a natural paradise all to yourself. There’s no better place to contemplate and thoroughly enjoy your surroundings, with no one around except for chirping birds and meandering deer, zebra, moose or wildebeest. These lodges are equivalent to 5-star resorts and you can expect the best luxury amenities as well as the personal touch which is put into making these magnificent properties truly unique. Most have their own swimming pools, some have private spas, outdoor fireplaces, outbuildings for parties or games rooms to keep both young and old entertained as well as a destination adapted range of equipment for outdoor pursuits from hiking to kayaking and from skiing to horseback riding.

Stunning Natural Settings

All of our lodges are situated on the world’s most spectacular destinations. You could find yourself at a private sustainably built lodge overlooking Kenya’s magical Masai Mara observing the annual Great Migration. Focus on the mind and body at a phenomenal retreat lost in the splendid wilderness of New Zealand. Take the family on the ultimate ranch experience in the Montana outback. No matter the destination you will be in awe at these breathtaking natural locations.

The Keys to Perfect Lodge Holiday

It addition to arranging the perfect lodge in a dream destination, our lodge specialists can assist you with all the other elements to piece together an incredible vacation. They can arrange your transportation to and from the lodge, match you with the best local guides, bring in talented private chefs, personal trainers and masseurs, recommend the best experiences in the area including cultural excursions, food and wine experiences, golfing and tennis, boating or helicopter tours, whitewater rafting and a great variety of family friendly activities.

Contact one of our experts above, a refined selection of the world’s best lodges awaits.