Papavero Villa Rentals


Villa, Apartment, Castle & Cottage


Schloss Kogl

Salzburg & Austria

Castle & Estate


The Best In Italy


Villa, Castle, Manor House & Estate


excellence.villas by Trust&Travel


Beach House, Castle, Cottage, Estate, Manor House, Villa, Apartment & Townhouse



United Kingdom, South of France & Malta

Villa, Castle, Manor House & Cottage


Elegant Ireland

Ireland & United Kingdom

Villa, Apartment, Townhouse, Castle, Manor House, Cottage & Estate


Loyd & Townsend Rose

United Kingdom & Ireland

Villa, Boutique Hotel, Occasion, Castle, Manor House & Estate


Unique Properties & Events

France, Italy & Spain

Villa, Castle & Chateau

Below are our UltraVilla Global Advisors. If you can’t find an expert in the destination you would like to visit, or for the type of property you would like to rent, contact one of our knowledgeable and well-connected advisors for help.

The World’s Top Experts

Bringing together the leading luxury property rental professionals, UltraVilla provides you with a refined directory of award-winning concierges who can give you access to many of the world’s best properties. And not just castles.

With their extensive experience in the luxury property rental world, and with their destination-specific experience and knowledge, our experts are the perfect guides to introduce you to not just the best holiday homes – which is perhaps a – but also the most exclusive, secret and if that is what you are looking for the most extravagant.

Our members are also constantly adding exceptional properties to their portfolios so as an UltraVilla client, you will be the first to be introduced to them.