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Americas (Central) and Caribbean: A pocket guide

Made up of over 35 countries, thousands of islands and an immense variety of cultural and geographic diversity, Central America and the Caribbean offer endless options for an exciting and luxurious holiday. Tempting turquoise waters, miles of white sandy beaches, virgin forests rich in flora and fauna, magical colonial towns and vibrant local culture – there’s truly something for everyone in this delightful vacation destination.

The gateway to the South and an extremely popular holiday spot for Americans and Canadians, Mexico pleases sun seekers, culture lovers and serious foodies. You can delve into the country’s past while exploring the intriguing Mayan sites of the Yucatan or its Spanish colonial history in cities like stunning San Miguel de Allende or enchanting Campeche. For a posh beach retreat, look no further than Punta Mita and for a beach getaway with an adventurous side, make your way to the Riviera Maya – famous for its powdery beaches, coral reef and underwater canotes.

The chain of country’s linking North and South America are well embodied in gorgeous Costa Rica. Fringed by magnificent beaches on both its Pacific and Caribbean coasts, the country is home to picturesque towns, phenomenal forests and luxury hideaways like the Papagayo Peninsula.

Each island of the Caribbean has its unique charm, personality and appeal. You’ll find some of the top luxury villas of the Caribbean on beautiful Barbados and spectacular Saint Martin, not to mention an amazing array of incredible restaurants, sprawling golf courses and quintessential Caribbean character and welcome. The thousands of tiny islands of the Bahamas are perfect for those who would like a secluded luxury escape in addition to offering some of the best diving and fishing of the Caribbean.

Under the radar Anguilla is also an excellent place to escape the crowds while having all the perks of excellent shopping and fabulously fresh and delicious seafood. It’s hard to match the ultra-soft powdery beaches of the Turks and Caicos where you’ll also find some of the most phenomenal super villas of the region. Glamorous Saint Barthelemy strikes the perfect balance between chic and relaxed with its wide range of villas, many in very private locations,  world-class restaurants, tempting duty-free shops and pampering spas. Lastly if you’re craving a laid-back vibe surrounded by splendid nature, Jamaica is won’t disappoint.

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate family vacation, a special couple’s getaway or a vibrant place to bring together your closest friends, UltraVilla’s experienced local villa specialist can match you with the perfect villa for a dream holiday in this awe-inspiring region.


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