Brazil: A pocket guide

Rio de janiero, Brazil.
Colorful painted buildings of Favela in Rio de Janeiro Brazil
PARATY, BRAZIL - OCTOBER 14, 2014: People walk in the Old Town of Paraty (state of Rio de Janeiro). The colonial town dates back to 1667 and is considered for inclusion on UNESCO World Heritage List.
Rio de janiero, Brazil.

Brazil has emerged as one of the hottest destinations in luxury travel for its stylish cities and beautiful beaches. More recently, the country is on the radar of all inquisitive travelers for its role as host of the 2016 Olympic Games. The largest country in South America, Brazil has much to explore.

What to Do in Rio

For a taste of the cosmopolitan high life, head to Rio de Janeiro and immerse yourself in its unique rhythm. An excited fervor floods the city, both day and night, with exceptional eateries and buzzing bars making up this ultramodern metropolis. Start at Bracarense and try the manioc balls before stopping by Devassa for the famous prawn pasties.

Once you’ve indulged your taste buds, explore the eclectic flavors of the Brazilian art scene. The Morrinho Project highlights life in Rio’s Pereirao favela through a complex art installation that began as a backyard game invented by a fourteen-year-old boy.

For a day at the beach, head to Ipanema and chill out with a freshly pressed mango juice from Polis Sucos—or beat the crowds and drive to gorgeous Prainha Beach.

Excursions from Rio

Head further off the beaten path in the Rio region with a visit to Búzios or the historic seaside town of Paraty. This small municipality is backed by mountains on Brazil’s Costa Verde, graced with romantic cobbled streets and seventeenth-century architecture, and topped by the bright whitewashed walls of the city’s primary religious landmark, Capela de Santa Rita. Avoid the large tourist boats and instead enlist your own guide to help you explore nearby fishing villages where many residents still live without electricity.

Alternatively, head to the pristine beaches and hidden coves of Angra Dos Reis; hire a boat and island-hop to your heart’s content. Ilhagrande is remote and therefore always a good escape, while Gipoia is beautiful and exclusive, with lots of celebrities. Head to Lopes Mendes Beach, known by locals in the know as the most beautiful beach in the country.

Farther down the coast, the bohemian-hearted will fall in love with the region of Bahia. Those looking for laid-back luxury should visit the beach town of Troncones, from which you can explore Brazil’s scenic coastline, including the beach where Portuguese explorers first landed in Brazil and the picturesque village of Caraíva. For a romantic lunch on the beach, ask your concierge to book Silvinha’s restaurant.

Trancoso, a former fishing village founded by the Jesuits in 1586, is a thousand kilometers north of Rio de Janeiro in the state of Bahia and 40 years behind the times in terms of development and runs on its very own clock.

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