South America: A pocket guide

PARATY, BRAZIL - OCTOBER 14, 2014: People walk in the Old Town of Paraty (state of Rio de Janeiro). The colonial town dates back to 1667 and is considered for inclusion on UNESCO World Heritage List.

Lush rainforests, picturesque colonial towns and the mysteries of ancient civilizations, South America draws curious travels in search of the beautiful unknown. Whether you want to pick through archeological ruins in the Andes or sip caipirinhas on Copacabana beach, the diverse appeal of the continent has something for everyone.

Along the Caribbean 

The top of South America evokes the exploits of its colonial history, of pirates and of discovery. Nowhere is this more exemplified than in Cartagena, Colombia. The marvelous town, was an important outpost during the gold trade, expressed in its opulent mansions, pretty plazas and baroque churches from the era. Natural adventures are abound in tropical rainforests of Venezuela, the Guianas and Suriname, home to an amazing and important array of flora and fauna.

Exploring Beautiful Brazin

This is carried over into Brazil, where adventurous visitors can travel deep into the Amazon basin. Rio de Janeiro beckons beach lovers and party seekers whereas Sao Paulo tempts architecture and gastronomy buffs. For a slower pace, book a villa on a private beach in Angras dos Reis or historic house in lovely Paraty. Tucked underneath this massive country, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay can sometimes be overlooked, however, this leaves their natural splendors and cultural riches for travelers in the know.

The Spine of the Andes

History lovers needn’t look any further than Ecuador and Peru with their abundance of world heritage sites of the Incas and charming towns built by the Spanish conquistadors. Nature fans must journey out to Ecuador’s incredible Galápagos islands, where Charles Darwin perfected his theory of evolution. Trekkers will adore exploring the trails of the Chilean Andes mountains, descending the whole length of the country. These culminate in the Tierra del Fuego, bordering Argentina and featuring some of the world’s most dramatic landscape.

North Mets South in Amazing Argentina

Lastly, Argentina enchants visitors with its passionate Tango dancers, delectable wines and first class restaurants and the vibrant history and art scene of Buenos Aires. It could be a secluded beach house or a penthouse overlooking Sugar Mountain, UltraVilla has the best luxury accommodation to ensure you have an exceptional vacation on this lively and wondrous continent.