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Montana: A pocket guide

Damon flyfishing on the Blackfoot River near Missoula, Montana with a storm threatening in the background/iStock/John Alves

Mountains rise above ethereal meadows; glassy lakes reflect bold blue skies. Luxurious spa treatments rejuvenate, and the pure mountain air revives. Montana will transport your mind, body, and soul to a blissfully peaceful place.

Amazing Outdoor Adventures

Those in search of something a little more action-packed should not be put off by Montana’s calming nature. Founded by hardy trailblazers and bold pioneers, the state has an abundance of outdoor activities to be enjoyed, and as the mountains cast their shadows and the lush grasslands roll out before you, you’ll feel as though this vast expanse is yours alone to explore. Hiking, white-water rafting, and cycling through Montana’s ample pine forest are popular activities, especially in the national parks. (The parks are home to the grizzly bear, so be careful as you track them from a respectable distance.) Anglers are drawn to the wild streams and glistening lakes. With excellent ski and snowboard facilities, Montana is the haunt of many a professional snow athlete looking to escape the crowds.

Up-And-Coming Shopping & Culinary Scene

Montana has developed in recent years, attracting a fashionable young audience looking for a welcome retreat from their hectic lifestyles. The town of Bozeman is known for its encouragement of independent businesses: chic boutiques, craft brewpubs, artisan coffee houses. With the Mission Mountain Winery on Flathead Lake just a short drive away, there’s an air of original sophistication throughout this locale.

This sublime landscape is home to some of the finest vacation rentals and holiday home stays in America. Rustic ranches combine their traditional function with the ultimate in contemporary comfort, to ensure your holiday in Montana is exceptional in every way.

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