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North America: A pocket guide

Damon flyfishing on the Blackfoot River near Missoula, Montana with a storm threatening in the background/iStock/John Alves

North America has long been considered an exceptionally multifaceted travel destination with a diversity on offer that is hard to equal anywhere else. The buzz of New York City could not be more different from the tranquillity of a Connecticut village with immaculate old colonial homes nestling under some mighty oaks. The southern charm of rural Alabama is rather different from the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto. There are a variety of accents to get used to, a huge selection of cuisines to sample, a wide array of musical styles to select from and a vast collection of exceptional accommodation offerings to holiday at from secluded ranches to cozy ski chalets and from beautiful beach houses to sleek penthouses.

Big Cities, Picturesque Towns & Incredible Nature

The variety of landscapes is staggering and can take you soaring above the Grand Canyon in Nevada to cruising through the rolling hills of rural Virginia, wherever you go you will find a lot of spectacular scenery to behold. The coastline of Maine, the blue grass of Kentucky, the redwoods of Northern California, the snowy peaks of British Columbia, the rivers of Montana, the Florida Everglades, the crystal blue lakes of Ontario, the tropical forests of Hawaii – it is impossible to cover all the exciting scenery in just one trip.

Exciting & Varied Dining

North America is a foodie’s heaven with influences from across the world as people came to settle on the continent. The border with Mexico brought Tex-Mex and you can even choose between Atlantic or Pacific salmon. The chefs at the helm of the latest hotspots of Montréal and San Francisco wow palates with their inventive dishes and the health conscious reach their culinary paradise in Seattle and Vancouver. Every state and province has its specialities and a New York hot dog can be just as delicious as the most complete Cajun dish in the deep south.

A Land of Discoveries

North America is a continent that embraces change and re-invention but they respect their past. All of these attributes are made even more enjoyable by the nature of the people who are unfailingly hospitable, curious and pleased to see you. It is a great place for road trips, where you can drive literally thousands of miles and explore a vast country that is endlessly fascinating. Whatever your travel objective, North America will not disappoint – especially in the careful hands of our local luxury accommodation experts.

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