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Mustique: A pocket guide

The Island

Mustique is submerged in history, enveloped with intrigue. The private island is a jewel in the aquamarine stream of islands that make up the southern Caribbean nation of St Vincent and the Grenadines, only one hundred miles west of Barbados.

The island is blessed with a gentle climate year-round, which, along with its natural beauty, dramatic hilltops, and pristine palm fringed beaches, has attracted visitors for generations. Drawn by the unique experience of island life, guests return again and again to enjoy the exclusive luxury villas and hospitality found on this original private island.

Let us set the scene for you by watching this video snapshot of Mustique, here.

Island Life

On Mustique, you are free to enjoy the privacy of your own private villa, or the legendary house parties thrown. Fellow island guests get together for gastronomic dinners, cocktail parties, beach barbecues and dancing at Basil’s Bar. Here, anything goes.

Explore the island at your leisure, where a whole host of experiences await. Swim and scuba dive in the aquamarine Caribbean Sea; sail and snorkel with turtles at nearby Tobago Cays. On land, ride horses along the beaches, hone your tennis skills at the infamous Mustique Tennis Club, and be sure to indulge in a world-class spa treatment… or two!

Visitors are, without exception, so charmed by Mustique island life, the unparalleled warmth and geniality of the staff, and the deep sense of wellbeing this destination gives them, that they fall under its spell.

History of Mustique

The discovery and development of Mustique Island has been well documented over the years. The original concept of and vision for the island was certainly unique, but its evolution into an extremely desirable destination has been proven. Mustique is still the owner of the same breath-taking landscape that lured its original inhabitants and holidaymakers fifty years ago, that now lives in harmony with a world class degree of modern luxury.

Lord Glenconner, Colin Tennant, first arrived on Mustique in 1958. The island had no roads, no jetties, and no running water, but Lord Glenconner was charmed, and bought his slice of paradise for just £45,000. Tennant’s initial ambitions were to turn it into a cotton plantation, but his plans did not prove economically viable. Media interest in Mustique built quickly, as Tennant had gifted his good friend Princess Margaret a plot in 1960. And so, in 1968, he began to develop a private island hideaway for the rich and famous.

Tennant’s vision was brought to life with the help of two architects, Arne Hasselqvist (a Swedish construction engineer) and Oliver Messel (a British theatre set designer). And a business model was created with the help of entrepreneurial investors: For Mustique Island to be divided into plots and sold to shareholders who would invest in the infrastructure. Plots were snapped up by socialites, rock stars and wealthy individuals, who flocked from far and wide to play a part in creating their own dream houses on this fantasy land and be part of something totally unique and seriously exclusive.

Over the last fifty years, Mustique has become one of the most popular and prestigious holiday destinations in the world, where holiday-home owners come to relax and recuperate, and guests choose from a wealth of incredible private rentals throughout the year. The allure of the island is so strong, that visitors continue to return to see friends, and indulge in the Caribbean escape. Mustique really is a private island paradise.


There is a lot to see and do for such a small island! A host of activities and experiences await on Mustique, both on land and in the Caribbean Sea that surrounds. Try snorkelling, scuba diving, sailing, tennis and horse riding; kitesurfing, deep sea diving and fishing. And make sure you make time for a nurturing spa treatment. Self-care is top priority in paradise.

Children are also well catered for, with water sports galore! Tennis, pony camp, beach picnics, treasure hunts, and kite flying competitions will keep them entertained. And they can park their golf buggies up at the drive-in cinema. Children’s food menus are also available across the island.


From barefoot barbecues with sand between your toes, to delectable fine dining, there are lots of ways to enjoy Mustique Island’s abundant produce and honed hospitality.

The beautiful Veranda restaurant is West Indies inspired, both in its atmosphere and cuisine. It provides the perfect setting for a leisurely breakfast and relaxed refreshments throughout the day. And in the evening, transforms into a most sophisticated establishment for dinner!

The Beach Café, on Endeavour Bay, is a super chilled-out restaurant and bar. Hang out here to luxuriate over long lunches under shady palms.

The Beach Bar is the island’s social hub during the evenings, when residents and holidaymakers gather for sundowners to discuss the day’s events and plan the next.


Mustique is surprisingly easy to get to, given its exclusivity.

Find frequent direct flights from Europe, UK, US, Canada and South America to St Lucia and Barbados on airlines such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, Delta, Air Canada and Jet Blue.

From St Lucia international airport it’s a short but spectacular 25-minute flight to Mustique. From Barbados it is a slightly longer but equally fantastic 50-minute flight across the Grenadines.

Fly Mustique

And for the ultra-travel experience, book onto Mustique Island’s fleet of 18-seater Twin Otter aircraft. Flights run daily from St Lucia, and additional connecting flights area available from Barbados during peak season (July – August & November – April).

Private Charter Flights

If you and your party wish to take a private charter to Mustique, flights can be arranged from either St Lucia or Barbados, or from a neighbouring island.


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