Today – Thursday 8th March – is International Women’s Day 2018! We’re marking the occasion by celebrating our fabulous female UltraVilla experts – of which we are fortunate to have many. A few of our great experts share their thoughts and insight on why women are so successful in the travel industry:


Katharina Allès-Trauttmansdorff, Italy Expert

Excellence.Villas by Trust&Travel

I think that tourism is a business where women can find their place more easily than in other businesses. You don’t necessarily need much of an education, but you most certainly need lots of common sense and a sense of service. Human relationships are of the highest importance. You must be able to multi-task, and the industry lends itself to a freelance way of working, so women can juggle their time schedules to fit family needs. Tourism also is a business where imagination, dreaming and the capacity to enjoy are just as important as the amount of money you make.


Alexis Gillis, Cape Town Expert

La Rive Franschhoek & La Rive Cape Town

Women are fabulous in this industry as we are attention to detail orientated people and care about the small things. When travelling clients want to know that everything was thought about and taken care of.

Alexis-Gillis-Cape-Town-La Rive

Anna Deimezi, Greece Expert

White Key Villas

The industry has been dominated by men holding the key positions in the past, but this has been changing over the past years. More and more women are taking the lead and are shaping the industry. What really sets women apart is their ability to swiftly adapt and efficiently multitask in this very demanding, fast-paced hospitality environment.

Sylvia Delvaille Jones, Global Advisor

Villas & Apartments Abroad

The luxury villa industry attracts women because the product reflects what we romanticize about and what reflects in our everyday lives. We are drawn to the beautiful.

We are often the keepers of our own homes, so we have the eye to identify and appreciate a fabulous villa. We do have a tendency to home in on the issues, big, small or insignificant, but as a result, we strive for perfection, which in turn enhances our villas and the services we provide. We see things through critical eyes because it is so important. 

We have that knack for carefully selecting what we feel is a villa that is best suited for different groups of people. Affording the family or group of friends a rounded experience with a taste of local culture, we will dig to uncover unusual things and experiences in the immediate area and further afield in order to keep all of the age groups engaged, learning, but most importantly having fun. It is about bringing them closest to the life, land, culture and people of the area.


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