The Eighth Wonder of the World, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef,

Tuesday’s villa of the day is the truly compelling Whitsundays Estate from UV expert consultant Sylvia Delvaille Jones’s Villas and Apartments Abroad, a place we’d never come back from given the choice.


The Great Barrier Reef… is there anything or anywhere in the world more wondrous. Stretching for over 1,200 miles at between 10 and 50 miles off the coast of Queensland, Australia, this association of 2,900 smaller coral reefs interspersed with approximately 300 stepping-stone islands is the largest marine preserve in the world and home to a countless number incredible sea creatures, over 500 species of brightly coloured hard and soft coral, 1,500 varieties of fish and 4,000 types of mollusks.

And there’s no better place to base yourself to sail, snorkel, fly over and dive the Reef than this stunning estate in Woodwark Bay, arguably one of the most beautiful of the 74 Whitsunday Islands. The estate itself is made up of six south-sea-style thatched luxury cottages in full view of the aquamarine Pacific Ocean. It truly is a jewel offering exquisitely appointed accommodation for up to 16 guests with access to over 100km of roads to explore, a private lake for water skiing and fishing, waterfalls and picnic huts all surrounded by 50,000 acres of uninterrupted and untracked national parkland.

Australia-11-1024x680Hop from your bed straight to the white sand beach in seconds

Each of the six cottages – Dream Villa, Main House, Pebble Hut, Siamese Huts, Island Hut and Honeymoon Hut – with a total of seven suites, have a a king size bed, air-conditioning, refrigerator, chilled and filtered drinking water. And each has its own style and feel with artwork from around the world including an antique Russian chest, tiles from palaces in India, cool limestone floors, uniquely handcrafted African woodwork and details, and Balinese and Mexican art, wall hangings, lighting and carvings. In fact, the estate is the perfect blend of local tradition, global art and modern luxury.

Australia-46-1024x683Enjoy candlelit dreams in your bed in the Dream Hut


Australia-3The front decking at the Siamese Huts

The Main House and its central pavilion with gabled roof is the focal point of the estate where everyone gathers, especially in the evenings to recap the day’s events. It boasts broad verandahs with day beds and lounges, a living room with special lighting effects, a Siesta bedroom, the chef’s kitchen, indoor and outdoor dining areas, entertainment including DVD, VHS, Flat screen TV, the Bar and Internet access and other business services.

The main house takes in the full views of the lake, the sea, the incredible pool and gardens. And after a day of strenuous activities you can order a masseuse for an appointment on the wooden candle lit deck overlooking the purple lily pond, or a yoga instructor in the meditation tower, before finally relaxing with fabulous food prepared by a top chef.

Australia-39-1024x683The Great Pavilion in the Main House

We didn’t mention the dreamlike bath huts! In these open but roofed huts luxury indulge in sunken baths with the sounds of nature all around you.

With so many exceptional activities on offer – from a crocodile safari and helicopter lessons to barramundi fishing, Great Barrier Reef scuba diving and even parachuting onto the lawn – and over a kilometer of private white beach just for you, the Whitsunday Estate is so awe-inspiring you’ll honestly think you’re dreaming.

Plan a trip for December or January before wet season hits in February and you could be bathing in sapphire waters before you know it.

Australia-29-1024x680Champagne spa bubble bath anyone? 


Australia-22-1024x683Who needs the sea when you’ve got a pool like this…?


Australia-17-1024x682Idyllic, tranquil, endless… it can only be Australia’s Whitsunday Islands


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