Can passion for a subject run through your veins? This appears to be the case for Andrew Mallalieu, Chief Executive of the Terra Group, the parent company of Blue Sky Luxury, the premier luxury rental experts in beautiful Barbados. Discover the fascinating tale of “Blue Skies and Luxury” which sparked the birth of this exciting and exceptional company.

“One hundred. This is the combined years of experience, professionalism and luxury that has melded together to create the ultimate holiday rentals team, Blue Sky Luxury.

“Appropriately, Blue Sky Luxury’s story started in the Caribbean, home to many beautiful and unique island paradises where countless dreams come true. Based in Barbados, the five-year-old brand has become one of the most prolific luxury holiday authorities across the region. However, before its business of stunning villas and dream-like holiday estates was firmly established, for one man, it was but a dream.

“That man was Andrew Mallalieu, a man of many facets and the protagonist of our story. As the son of Bill Mallalieu, one of the early and most respected real estate agents in Barbados, Andrew came from a family of real estate stock. Bill Mallalieu’s business came from a foundation, built over six decades ago, which helped grow Barbados as a second home and holiday destination. This business would ultimately chart the history of the iconic Blue Sky Luxury. In 1997, with the same blood and passion for real estate coursing through his veins, the junior Mallalieu replaced his senior in the real estate business. By 2000, a fiery-red presence graced the real estate landscape – it was Terra Caribbean, the brainchild of Andrew himself. With this, the stage was set for a serendipitous merger.

“Running almost concurrently to Terra’s history was the story of another real estate venture that would contribute half the DNA of the Blue Sky Luxury brand. With a similar origin dating back to the 1960s, and also the result of a generational shift of power, the Mahon family created Bajan Services Limited in 1979. The company prospered for almost thirty years in luxury real estate and holiday rentals along the island’s famed West Coast.

“Fast forward to 2008 and the real estate landscape was dominated by the bold presence of Andrew’s Terra brand. It was a competitive market, but golden opportunities would not go unnoticed by the keen, business-savvy eye of the second generation Mallalieu. In April of the same year, he acquired Bajan Services from the Mahons. Four short years later the dye was cast and Blue Sky Luxury emerged.

“Today, Andrew W. Mallalieu, CPA MRICS, is the Chief Executive of the Terra Group, the parent company of Blue Sky Luxury. An avid motorsports enthusiast and Formula One steward, he embodies excellence in everything he does and has adeptly taken this luxurious brand to the pinnacle of holiday home luxury and expert concierge services. His team is a cadre of passionate Barbadians with the precise professional knowledge needed for catering to holiday dreams in a way that exceeds expectations. The team are a self-described “happy bunch”, and in their eyes, Andrew – as he is simply known – has created the perfect environment for achieving first-class delivery of all their clients’ wants and needs. With a portfolio of over 120 holiday homes in Barbados (some have been in the portfolio for over 30-years), this is no small feat.

“This winning combination of a profound history, robust leadership and a happy, dedicated team is a dream epitomized, and manifests itself in the many repeat guests who have returned to personalized holidays from the team year after year.  With some visiting the island up to 20 times building lifelong memories. With this success in mind, Andrew has his eyes set on the rest of the Caribbean, so stay tuned, the Blue Sky Luxury story has only just begun.

“From the reservation specialists to the concierge team, Blue Sky Luxury remains a revered presence across the regional landscape, catering soundly what its name suggests: it is nothing short of a holidaymaker’s dream…” – Blue Sky Luxury team

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