The ultimate escape, visiting or even staying on a remote island can be just what the doctor order for anyone who has had a long, arduous year. There may be few places in the world where you can still have a true Robinson Crusoe experience, but there are still some places that come close. From your own private vacation paradise in Fiji or Italy to day trip escapes in Thailand or the Caribbean, consider incorporating these idyllic islands into your next holiday plans.

Vatuvara, Fiji

Vatuvara is a tropical paradise tucked away in the northern Lau group of Fijian Islands. It’s abundant in a wide diversity of flora and fauna, including the unique and endangered Coconut Crab. Bordered by spectacular beaches and azure waters, the rest of the island is home to dense, tropical forests and the very exclusive Vatuvara Private Islands resort. Accessible only by private plane, this all-inclusive resort with just three one-bedroom villas offers guests the ultimate private escape where they can switch off from the rest of the world. The luxurious and spacious villas have been designed to showcase local character and the natural surroundings. Each one is perfectly outfitted with modern comforts and a gorgeous private infinity pool. More information on Vatuvara Private Islands here.


Rodrigues Island, Mauritius

If Mauritius wasn’t enough of a remote island getaway, take a day trip to or stay overnight on its smaller cousin, the even more secluded Rodrigues Island. An autonomous authority of the Republic of Mauritius, the 108 km2 landmass lies 560 kilometres east of the main island. The lush, volcanic island is surrounded by a gorgeous coral reef, excellent for snorkeling or diving. Biking and kitesurfing are also popular or take a boat trip to explore the tiny uninhabited islands off the coast. Discover where to stay in Mauritius here.

Isola Santa Cristina, Italy

Lost in the Venetian Lagoon, a 10-minute boat drive from Burano and Torcello and 25 minutes from Venice, Isola Santa Cristina is an enchanting and one-of-a-kind island. Here, deep in the Lagoon, you are completely removed from the tourist masses that occupy Venice most of the year. Instead, you’ll only cross paths with peacocks and pheasants roaming through the apricot orchard and the island’s quiet laneways. The island’s historic home is set within gardens, natural park and vineyard. With only one villa on the whole island, it provides guests with absolute privacy and is the ultimate relaxing and luxurious getaway.

Ithaca Island, Greece June 2009 (

Ithaca, Greece

There are thousands of Greek islands, however, if you’re looking for the perfect peaceful escape, venture deep into the Ionian Sea to extraordinarily beautiful and tranquil Ithaca. Situated off the northeast coast of Kefalonia and to the west of continental Greece, the rugged island features steep cliffs, arid mountains and rolling olive groves.

“The island is kept pristine through truly awful ferry connections that improve in the summer, but for seven months of the year, Ithaca is cast adrift,” explains Ileana von Hirsch, director of Five Star Greece. “The result is minimal development, and those who build villas there are true aficionados with the taste and resources to do wonderful things.”

Five Star Greece have several stunning villas on this lovely island, some with even their own private beach, making them the ideal remote island getaway. Find out more about these exquisite properties by reaching out to Five Star Greece here.


Moturua Island, Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Experience the best of New Zealand’s spectacular nature at Kauri Cove, where you and thirteen lucky guests can claim one of the 144 stunning islands of the Bay of Islands as your own. Step off your private helicopter transfer straight onto the white sands of this gorgeous privately owned beach on Moturua Island. This spectacular estate is part of the newly launched Touch of Spice ‘Residence Collection,’ a carefully curated portfolio of the very finest luxury accommodation available throughout New Zealand.

The cove features a split-level beach haven, tucked into the native bush and designed by renowned New Zealand architect Pete Bossley. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted with a glass of champagne, as your private chef gets to work on a fresh meal, which you can enjoy on the veranda overlooking the expansive lawns. If a break from luxurious pampering is ever needed, look no further than the Hangar games room and gymnasium to find a pool table, fooseball, table tennis, arcade basketball, darts and free weights, a spa pool and a golf putting green.

The property is equipped with the best water toys, including kayaks, stand up paddleboards, top notch snorkeling, parasailing and fishing equipment, jet-skis and an ocean trampoline. A variety of other activities can be arranged such as deep sea fishing charters, Heli flight-seeing tours, visits to the island’s recorded archaeological sites, private yoga or horseback riding sessions as well as golf, spa services and world-class dining at Kauri Cliffs, just a short helicopter ride away.

There is truly something for everyone on this island retreat and Touch of Spice can offer bespoke packages that will leave you never wanting to return to the mainland. Start planning your perfect remote island getaway with Touch of Spice here.

Ang Thong Marine National Park Photo Credit: Bruno Weideli / Flickr

Ang Thong Marine National Park Photo Credit: Bruno Weideli / Flickr

Ang Thong National Park, Thailand

Intrepid island explorers and yachting enthusiasts in search of Thailand’s most remote islands need look no further than a holiday at the luxury villa estate Samujana. Located on the north-easterly point of the island of Koh Samui, the resort can arrange a variety of bespoke island-hopping cruises. With the estate’s own chartered yacht, Kindred Spirit, Samujana guests can visit the Ang Thong national park, an archipelago of around 42 islands protected for its wetland. The islands are largely uninhabited except for the largest in the collection, Ko Wua Talap, which boasts two magnificent beaches on opposite ends of the island, connected by a jungle trek (ideal for any intrepid explorers). The cluster of islands are close together and largely covered with tropical forestland, offering guests the opportunity to create their own Enid Blyton-style explorers itinerary.


Punta Pájaros Island, Mexico

The Caribbean coast of Mexico is swarming with sun-seeking tourists, but you can flee the masses at the private Punta Pájaros island, hidden away in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. Visitors to the island can discover its two archaeological sites, kayak through mangrove forests, cycle along flat paths, take in some of the island’s world-famous fly-fishing and keep their eye out for the reserve’s dozens of animal and birdlife species. The island’s coral reef, the world’s second most pristine, offers fabulous scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities or simply spend hours lounging on its gorgeous sandy beaches. The island features three very small resorts, the Casa Rotonda, Casa Blanca and Playa Blanca, all lovely properties combining beach informality with luxury comforts and style. For more information contact Catherwood Travels.

The Bahamas

Man Island, Bahamas

Many of the islands of the Bahamas are idyllic, however, if you want to spend the day on your own deserted island, boat out to Man Island. This 35-acre land mass is located off the north tip of Harbour Island, which would make the perfect base for a stay in the area.

“It’s east side has beaches on the Atlantic Ocean and the west side faces a natural harbor,” describes Pamela H. Murdock, our local Bahamas expert. ”Stop at the Dunmore Deli, Bahamas Coffee Roasters or Arthur’s Bakery for sandwiches etc. then charter a boat through Jeff (he can also drop you off and collect you at an appointed hour) and take a picnic to the island. A word of caution: make sure you leave in the late afternoon before the sand flies come out – and they do with a vengeance! The island has been owned for many years by several people, though the sip sip (Bahamian slang for “gossip”) is that investors are looking at it due to its proximity to hugely popular Harbour Island.”

Pamela H. Murdock has some gorgeous villas and fabulous knowledge of the Bahamas to help assist you to plan the perfect trip, and boating excursions, to this splendid part of the Caribbean. Contact her here.


French Cay, Turks and Caicos

Found southeast of the Bahamas, the Turks and Caicos are made up of 40 different islands, several of which are deserted or almost. If you’re staying on Providenciales, plan an excursion to French Cay, a small island and national bird sanctuary 29 kilometers (18 miles) south and reachable by boat in about an hour. With historical intrigue from its days as an 18th-century pirate outpost, French Cay is a fabulous place for snorkeling and diving over its reefs, as well as over nearby Molasses Reef where you can explore an ancient shipwreck. Permission must be granted to dock, but once on land, no other islands can be seen from this low lying island, creating you own deserted island experience. There’s a small beach on the north side of the cay where you can relax after your diving. Discover where to stay in the Turks and Caicos at this link.

Skellig Michael, beehive cells and Small Skellig Photo Credit: Arian Zwegers /Flickr

Skellig Michael, beehive cells and Small Skellig Photo Credit: Arian Zwegers /Flickr


Skellig islands, Ireland

Sitting in the Atlantic Ocean, 12 kilometers (eight miles) off the coast of County Kerry, in southwest Ireland are these two uninhabited islands. Featuring striking other-worldly scenery and jagged pinnacles, Skellig Michael can be visited by boat whereas Little Skellig contains the country’s largest gannet colony. A steep peak of Skellig Michael holds a sixth-century monastic outpost, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is accessible by climbing an ancient stairwell of more than five hundred steps. At the top, you will be rewarded with jaw-dropping views and the curious stone beehive-shaped huts, the former homes of the island’s monks in addition to oratories, stone crosses and the Church of St. Michael. Find your perfect retreat in the southwest of Ireland here.