UltraVilla’s Greek supremo Ileana von Hirsch has just come back from Mykonos and she’s keen to tell us about a supermarket, among other things.

Mykonos in June is when the party starts. And it doesn’t stop till September. Among the plethora of beach bars and party joints on offer it’s the newest one I’ll be hanging out at this summer: Scorpios (pictured). What a place – a beach, restaurant and holistic retreat built on simplicity and luxury. Think natural foods, detoxifying juices, and musical events taking place under palm fronds and on hammocks, decadent day beds and Berber rugs. Perched on a ridge on the southern part of the island just a short drive from Mykonos Town, Scorpios is on its own peninsula overlooking Paraga and Kavos lagoons. In between two stunning beaches with views of the Aegean Sea the terraced property is also hugged by the fake watches wild wonder of a protected nature reserve. We’re talking luxury Bedouin chic with an eastern sunrise and the day’s closing sunset over southern cliffs. All night parties here we come.

Meanwhile for a spot of shopping my current fave boutique is Enny Monaco, a bit of a meeting point in the Tria Pigadia area of town where Amalia Korasidou unerringly hand-picks the best top end items from the niche labels from Milan to Tokyo. Honestly, it’s so good and her advice so spot on that next door’s Louis Vuitton ends up looking a bit old hat. (ennydimonaco.gr)

And then there’s that supermarket. Yep this might be the only time you’ll ever read a supermarket review on a luxury travel blog, but one must-do on Mykonos is a grocery shop in Supermarket Flora by the airport. The place is lit by neon ceiling light installations and lounge music plays from numerous speakers. Vast screens around the walls play videos of the fashion shows and red carpet events, LED displays light up the champagne and wine section; the upper gallery gazes down at what looks like a dance floor, and a DJ is set up in the middle of the aisles. Never have plastic washtubs, laundry detergent and dustpans looked quite so iconic. Walmart, Waitrose, Prisunic, take note.