What’s not to love about Hawaii? The island group dropped in the Pacific is simply stunning. And staying at Hawaii Hideaways’ Golden Sands villa on Maui is doubly so.


Why is Hawaii stunning? Let’s start with O’ahu, home to capital Honolulu and where on the North Shore giant swells slam into the beach from the deep ocean and pro-surfers seriously strut their stuff on the waves. Or Kauai and its Na Pali Coast Wilderness Park – seriously like a world out of time and worth visiting via sea kayak. The Big Island is all about volcanoes: star gaze at the Onizuka Centre for International Astronomy atop the dormant Mauna Kea or go hiking in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park where the crater rim trail around the edge of the also dormant Kilauea features rainforest, desert and volcano vents. If that’s too much like hard work then just chill out on Moloka’I Island, where the most native Hawaiians live filled with tropical forest walks, jungle drives and relaxed beaches.

iStock_000056138034_MediumView of Maui’s Kaanapali Beach from Black Rock, iStock.com/7Michael

And then there’s Maui where the local saying goes “Maui no ka oi” or “Maui is the best,” and named for the Polynesian demigod who after having plucked all the Hawaiian islands up out of the sea, decided to make this – the most beautiful one – his home.

When on the most beautiful island you must stay in one of its most beautiful and prestigious properties. Golden Sands on the exclusive Ka’anapali Beach is an eight-bedroom luxury estate that’s all about gathering spaces.

20-Kai-Ala-Lahaina-HI-96761-print-049-Downward-Middle-View-4200x2796-300dpi-1024x681The view from the balcony overlooking the Great Room, the pool and private beach beyond

Hang out in the expansive and high-spec appointed kitchen, come together in the fabulous living room (the Great Room) overlooking the magical landscaped pool and Pacific Ocean or gather outside in the lush garden.

20-Kai-Ala-Lahaina-HI-96761-print-016-Kitchen-n-Counter-4200x2589-300dpi-1024x631The beautifully appointed kitchen

The layout of the property is perfectly balanced, the two master suites overlooking the Great Room below while the kitchen, incredible billiards room, dining room and TV/Media room all surround the Great Room and face out onto the pool. There’s also a fully-equipped exercise studio.

20-Kai-Ala-Lahaina-HI-96761-print-032-Sunset-Billards-4200x2243-300dpi-1024x547Billiards, snooker or pool anyone? 

20-Kai-Ala-Lahaina-HI-96761-print-039-Media-Room2-4200x2526-300dpi-1024x616A movie perhaps? 

20-Kai-Ala-Lahaina-HI-96761-print-044-Bed-Master-4200x2519-300dpi-1024x614One of the master bedrooms overlooking the Great Room with expansive views of the Pacific Ocean and…

20-Kai-Ala-Lahaina-HI-96761-print-046-Bed-Master-Bath4-4200x2513-300dpi-1024x613… the simply exquisite master bathroom

Of the remaining bedrooms two are also located on the second level of the main house while the last four are all on ground level and surround a beautiful inner courtyard through the main garden.

20-Kai-Ala-Lahaina-HI-96761-print-013-Night-Moon-Lobby-4200x2796-300dpi-1024x681The garden reception at night

20-Kai-Ala-Lahaina-HI-96761-print-034-Billards-Lounge-View-4200x2796-300dpi-1024x681Take breakfast with a view

Did we mention the bathrooms? The finest Italian marble, full power showers and luxurious deep sunken private baths are dream-like.

20-Kai-Ala-Lahaina-HI-96761-print-062-Guest-bed-5-4200x2578-300dpi-1024x628A further double bedroom…

20-Kai-Ala-Lahaina-HI-96761-print-055-Guest-Bed-3-Bath-4200x2553-300dpi-1024x622… and bathroom

Golden Sands is truly golden. Just like the Maui and its beaches.

20-Kai-Ala-Place-Kaanapali-HI-large-015-a-1500x996-72dpi-1024x680The beach at dusk

20-Kai-Ala-Lahaina-HI-96761-print-003-Night-Lawn-4200x2796-300dpi-1024x681View of Golden Sands, the lawn and wide-open living spaces at night from the beach 

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