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Saint Tropez: A pocket guide

One of the world famous beach bars on Pampelonne Beach in Saint Tropez
Panoramic view of Saint-Tropez, France
The Caprice des Deux restaurant one of the best in Saint Tropez
Saint Tropez yachts in the harbour outside of Sénéquier
saint tropez harbour lit up at night
sailing: Les Voiles de Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez is at heart a small fishing village with a big reputation. A jewel on the French riviera, St Tropez has long been popular with writers and artists, from Colette to Picasso, but it really hit the big time after Brigitte Bardot was filmed here by her husband Roger Vadim in And God Created Woman in 1954. Her youthful sun-kissed hedonism spawned millions of imitators who still throng the streets and beaches today. Despite the summer crowds and the occasional the Johnny Halliday look-alike St Tropez remains as fashionable as ever and is still a place to be seen, or keep a low profile as you desire. Anne-Claire of Villas Prestige is our expert travel guide to the charms of this world famous destination and can steer you into the best luxury villa in St Tropez for your vacation rental; and more a St Tropez expert than Lonely Planet.


St Tropez: Lights, Camera, Beach

The little town itself is still very pretty, with winding medieval streets of traditional pastel-painted fishermen’s cottages, boutiques, and restaurants and its port where fishing boats are moored alongside super yachts. Visitors can combine rustic Provence and the chic Côte d’Azur with a visit to the marketplace on Place des Lices in the morning and an evening spent in the cafés around the harbour, where you can sip cocktails and people-watch.



There’s not an awful lot ‘to do’ in St. Tropez, and that is part of its considerable charms, the point is simply to be there. It’s worth wandering around, to see how the jet-set aspect of the town has actually fitted in brilliantly with the old surroundings without ruining the feel of the place at all. Although an international tourist mecca, Saint Tropez is largely responsible for the allure of the whole area. In St Tropez everything seems to be famous and familiar, from the Beaches of Bouillabaisse to Caneliers Beach, Salins Beach, and Pampelonne Beach where you will find Club 55 and the Maison Bianca Beach Club. There are around 40 beaches on the peninsula, and these are hugely enjoyed by guests from all over the world. Beach bars and restaurants are plentiful throughout the area, and a drive up into the hills to visit some of the beautiful villas and villages that dot the peninsula.


Pampelonne Beach seen from Cape Camarat



Club 55 Pampelonne Beach

Top Restaurants, Markets & Luxury Cote d’Azure Villas

St Tropez has an elegant feel to it, and over the years many famous families have built beautiful homes there. The nature of the place has, of course, changed as different nationalities have played dominant roles in the real estate market, buying up the best estates, but the basic feel of the place has remained the same and you can get a glimpse into a very attractive part of France. A few restaurants to enjoy during your stay could include Residence de la Pinede, Auberge des Maures, Au Caprice des Deux, La table du Marche, Sénéquier, Brasserie des Arts, and Le Sporting. Wonderful seafood is obviously plentiful in St-Tropez, and the markets are a joy for food shopping if you prefer to dine at home in your villa.


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