Asia: A pocket guide

Sunset in U Bein bridge, Myanmar

Fewer parts of the world inspire our imagination more than Asia. Its incredible cultural diversity, deep rooted history and tradition paired with its divine cuisine and stunning natural beauty make it a traveler’s paradise. From touring centuries old temples to sunset beach strolls and from steaming pots of noodles to refined sushi, dig into these phenomenal countries with the vast expertise of UltraVilla’s Asia specialists.

Towers, Temples & Exceptional Cuisine

East Asia evokes great explorers, trade and the wise wisdom of the world’s oldest religions and philosophers. Have a zen experience in Japan while at the same time the electric buzz of uber modern Tokyo. China’s cultural sites are some of the most important in the world, walking the Great Wall is a must in a lifetime. Southeast Asia is bursting with color and flavor. Thailand is the main travel destination in this part of the continent, and with good reason. Visitors are treated to the warmest of welcomes, phenomenal food and magical temples, not to mention the relaxing pace and striking scenery of the islands.

Beautiful Beaches & Fascinating Culture

More amazing Island hopping can be done over in Indonesia. With thousands of idyllic islands, the archipelago draws beach lovers. Many head straight to Bali for it’s gorgeous coastlines and laidback ambiance, but there are many other places to discover in this spread out country.

Those seeking a cultural adventure should make their way to gorgeous Myanmar. Even though it’s now opened up to tourism, thought it still remains an enchanted holiday destination with its breathtaking historic sites and authenticity.

The senses continue to be enlivened over on the Indian subcontinent where visitors are swept up in India’s vibrancy. Off the coast is lovely Sri Lanka, another country off the radar of most tourists, but abundant in culture, atmosphere and picturesque beaches.

Sit back and take in the enthralling energy of Asia while staying with one of UltraVilla’s experts in the region. From sprawling luxury villas on private beaches to eco-lodges in lush mountains, we’ve got the perfect rental for your Asian escape.