Tangier: A pocket guide

Ancient fortress and living houses in Medina, old Tangier, Morocco
Ancient fortress and living houses in Medina, old Tangier, Morocco

Settled by the Phoenicians, the ancient city of Tangier has been coveted for more than a thousand years as a strategic port commanding the southern part of the Strait of Gibraltar—you can see the coast of Spain from here—and more recently as a stylish bolt-hole for European aristocrats and American ex-pats. Giuseppe Garibaldi, Malcolm Forbes, and Henri Matisse all hung their hats in Tangier, and the writer Paul Bowles made the city his home for more than 50 years.

A Gateway to Africa

Tangier has expanded in the past 15 years with creation of the new international harbor, Tangier Med, the largest in Africa. The old harbor has now been transformed into a large marina, and the TGV (high speed train) will soon connect Tangier to Rabat and Casablanca in one hour. A small medina climbs up the hill northwest of the city, and the new town surrounds it to the west. East of the medina lies the port and ferry terminal, with regular ferries departing for Spain and other European destinations.

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