Oualidia: A pocket guide

OUALIDIA, MOROCCO - CIRCA SEPTEMBER 2014: view of Oualidia circa September 2014 in Oualidia.
OUALIDIA, MOROCCO - CIRCA SEPTEMBER 2014: view of Oualidia circa September 2014 in Oualidia.

Blessed with 30 kilometers of butterscotch beaches and more tranquil than Casablanca, Oualidia is the surfing destination of choice for the Moroccan royal family. This beautifully preserved seaside town is sandwiched between the ocean and a vast lagoon where, in spring and autumn, pink flamingos wade as curlews, herons, and sandpipers dance through their stem-like legs. Holidaymakers reside in a sprinkling of spectacular vacation rentals that sit majestically above the sea, where they have exceptional views of the estuary.

A Surfer’s Paradise in Morocco

The waist-high waves of the lagoon allow beginners a gentle introduction to surfing; experienced water-sports enthusiasts seeking a less-tame adventure head for the Atlantic shoreline’s larger break. Oysters, collected daily from the red-sand cliff-clad lagoon, are the specialty of the region’s three premier restaurants, their patio gardens graced by chic French couples.

Oualidia is a reminder to savor life’s simple pleasures; with minimal resistance and wineglass in hand, you will be gently forced to relax. Be still and watch the lagoon change from silver to purple, and the surfers transform into beach-football players, as the sun rises and sets.

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