Kenya: A pocket guide

Kenya is one of Africa’s most well-known and prefered destinations. With its large variety of activities and diverse landscapes, it’s easy to see why. Game drive through the savannahs and plains, relax on long stretches of white sandy beaches at the coast, hike up Mount Kenya or immerse yourself in the array of cultures, there are endless possibilities.

African Wildlife At Its Best

Many visitors are attracted to Kenya for the ‘greatest wildlife show on earth’ – the annual migration of one and a half million wildebeest and their entourage of zebra, antelope and predators. In a single day you can see it all: elephant, lion, cheetah, leopard, plains game, even rhino and much, much more. In fact, the ‘Big Five’ is  seen on most safaris here. Going on a safari and observing African animals in their natural habitat is a once in a lifetime experience.

Outdoor Sports Paradise

However, there are many other attractive aspects drawing curious travelers to the country. The landscape is so diverse that it’s hard to believe it’s all Kenyan. Extending along its eastern coastline are phenomenal powdery beaches lapped with year-round warm water and dotted with swaying coconut trees. Here you can enjoy an array of world class watersports for all ages and enthusiasts – snorkelling, deep sea fishing, dhow sailing, kite-surfing, stand up paddling, the list goes on. Plus, the laid back attitude and friendly Kenyans along the coast add to the serenity.

A Diversity of Natural Discoveries

On the opposite spectrum, western Kenya boasts endless tea bushes and rolling hills that extend almost to the shores of Lake Victoria.  Kenya is also home to Africa’s second tallest peak, Mount Kenya. Beginners can go for a route up Mount Kenya that includes scrambling and hiking, while veteran climbers can opt for a journey that requires mountaineering skills. The breath-taking scenery is marked by incredible views of Kenya and even great glimpses of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The Great Rift Valley with its many lakes is home to numerous flamingos that create a near sea of pink, with a lake system that has one of the most diverse bird populations in the world and is home to thirteen globally threatened species of bird.

A Vibrant Capital City

The Nairobi, Kenya’s heart, showcases the best in the country’s vivacious nightlife, top-class restaurants, historical museums, African tribal exhibitions, street food, local markets, modern shopping malls and even the Nairobi wildlife park is on the outskirts of town. Many use Nairobi as a layover towards a safari or beach resort, but it merits a longer stay to take in all it has to offer. Amboseli National Park has the amazing backdrop of neighbouring Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro, the world’s tallest freestanding mountain. Enjoy action packed safaris and fantastic bird watching, with over 400 bird species while it stands in the distance.

These are just a few of the widely recognized attractions in Kenya, but there are many, many more. People come to Kenya for the friendly people, colourful tribes, unbeatable game viewing, crystal-blue waters, pristine beaches and an experience that is both moving and visually astounding, especially while staying at the perfect luxury villa or lodge rental.

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