Our Story

Founded by industry leaders Ileana von Hirsch of Five Star Greece, Madelyn Byrne of Paris Perfect, Andrew Loyd of Loyd Townsend Rose and Marina Gratsos of Carpe Diem Luxury Travel, UltraVilla started in 2014 as a spontaneous collaboration between the world’s best professionals in the villa and vacation rental world. UltraVilla members give you access to some of the world’s most exciting, exclusive and secret properties.

The inspiration for UltraVilla came from the founders’ own experience of working with clients and fielding requests for recommendations for trusted experts in countries outside their expertise. “We created UltraVilla because we could see there was a genuine need for a website that brought together the very best of the world’s vacation rental specialists. This is not a website with a million listings, but a refined directory that offers remarkable properties from companies we trust and who we can confidently declare are ‘the best”.


If you like authenticity rather than the international hotel experience, if you aren’t so keen on sharing space with strangers, if you love your own kids, but aren’t so hot on other people’s, if you want to feel at home in a different place, and to experience somewhere like a real insider, you are our kind of person. Become part of UltraVilla.


We will only ever feature companies and properties that match the high standards of service and behaviour we demand. If we don’t feel right about a company or a property, they will not be featured on UltraVilla. If anyone is featured here, they have the UltraVilla seal of approval.

We are not another internet clearing house dealing in huge numbers and never will be. In UltraVilla’s directory, you will only find recommendations made by the world’s top professionals, and trust us, we know what to look for.


Ileana von Hirsch

Ileana von Hirsch