Jean-Paul Sartre famously said, “Hell is other people”. For the discerning traveller the greatest luxury is getting away from the crowd, the ability to lose yourself in beautiful places with only the people you want to be with. You’re never alone at a 7-star hotel. But at a private home, a villa, lodge or apartment you are. Celebrating a special occasion, enjoying time with your friends, spending time with your family in private at a premier vacation home that is not your own where everything is taken care of, is luxury indeed.

Some people return to the same property again and again, so that it becomes very much like a real home where staff have watched your children grow up, know your wine preferences, and look forward to your return every year. Others prefer to be “at home” in a different place every vacation; to see, smell, hear and taste the world in all its exuberant variety, to have children grow up with a unique understanding of other places, to create memories that make you a citizen of the world – or even a local in the small corner of it that you have chosen.

Luxury is breakfast with views over the ocean or desert without any intrusion from the outside world; it is returning to your home away from from home at the end of a day’s skiing or sightseeing to relax in the privacy of your own lodge; to stroll down to the beach and back in a sarong and find welcoming staff and an inviting pool with your favourite deckchair ready under a shady tree. Luxury is where your children are able to run off into the garden and play; is a walk to a pretty village to buy fresh market produce to cartier replica give to your chef; is an elegant dinner with friends by candlelight and music on your terrace; it is a moonlight swim with a loved one and no-one else. True luxury is the feeling that you too are at home here.

But how to find that dream home that is often a hidden gem few know about?

UltraVilla is (and has) the answer. Our members offer the best and most complete repository of villa rental knowledge anywhere. All you have to do is pick where you want to go, choose your holiday home, and pack your Jean-Paul Sartre.