We’re taking off to the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia to meet Melanie Hall, founder and designer of the galactical Luna2. She reveals the fascinating story behind this one of a kind “private hotel” and how it helped bring design and style to the Balinese beach.

Melanie Hall Founder & Designer Luna2

My husband Stewart and I purchased this prime beachfront site some 14 years ago. At that time, we recognised a gap in the market for a niche market of world-travelling hot-spotters, design junkies and discerning gastronauts: celebrities, socialites, business leaders and entrepreneurs, from key cities around the globe. We believed the time was right to satisfy the ever-growing demand in hospitality for those wanting more privacy and intimacy, with all the services of an exclusive 5-star hotel.

As such, we created Luna2 private hotel back in 2007, a “Cosmic launch pad for shoot-the-mooners!” According to the UK’s Wallpaper* magazine it “Breaks new ground here on earth”, and it was named one of Hong Kong’s Asia Tatler’s “World’s Top 10 Hottest Hotels”.

With my previous experience in Creative for international fashion brands, and my passion for design and hospitality, together with my husband’s Business & Finance expertise, and our combined extensive world travel, and knowledge of Indonesia, we both found that venturing into the hotel industry in Bali was a fairly seamless transition.

Why ‘Luna2’?

Luna2 was named after the first spacecraft to successfully land on the moon in the late 50’s. I wanted a brand name that reflected the late 50’s/early 60s, yet seemed futuristic, and appeared playful. In other words, that the name ‘personified’ the Luna2 ethos, which is…

We respect the past, welcome the future and like to have fun in the process! With this in mind, we blend nostalgia (great modernism works of the past, some 60’s pop etc), with futurism (innovation, gadgets, high-tech stuff) and touches of fun…life is not to be taken too seriously after all! This ethos continues to be infused throughout every aspect of Luna2 as a company, from architectural design to interior design, from Lunafood to music, right through to the superstar service we offer. Hence, Luna2 employees are encouraged to have a sound understanding of great tradition, keep abreast of global innovation, and retain a sense of humour in the process.

Why do we call it a ‘private hotel’?

Luna2 private hotel offers superstar services of an exclusive hotel with the intimacy of a private home. This exclusive-use, five-bedroomed ‘private hotel’ sleeps approximately 10 people and is the ultimate holiday destination for groups of singles or couples, with or without children. Luna2 aims to deliver a cosmic guest experience, every time.

A complement of no less than 20 internationally-trained staff cater to the guests’ every whim. Luna2 offers an out-of-this-world Lunafood & bar service, led by Executive Chef Errol Defoe from London, complete with in-house event-planning services; there is a comprehensive range of activities and spa treatments on offer, both in- and out-of-house.

Luna2 private hotel has raised the benchmark in Bali, by way of its prime location, visionary design and stellar levels of wining & dining, lounging & sleeping. The ultra-modern, minimalist design is a vastly different approach to the ubiquitous ‘modern Bali’ style. It is located beachfront in the heart of fashionable Seminyak, the “Chelsea” of Bali to those in the know! Seminyak has more recently emerged as Bali’s hub for style, with world-renowned hotels, restaurants, bars, galleries and boutiques.

Luna2 is renowned for creating experiences which are seen as a level above the norm. The true definition of cosmic! Only those who have stayed at Luna2 private hotel really understand Luna2 point of difference, and as a result many come back for more. Guests who have been “Lunarised” have said, “Luna2 is on another planet – a great one!” “The service is on another level!” and “It doesn’t get any better than this!”