From a private island in Indonesia to a remote mountainside in New Zealand: six incredible hideaways to unleash your inner explorer this summer.



Just south of Ixtapa on Mexico’s southwest coast and north of Acapulco you can still find sun-drenched beaches where baby turtles hatch and shuffle their way down to the replica watches uk ocean and wild pelicans swoop and glide as if humans never existed.

Your bed by the beach: Casa Buena Vista, a stunning luxury villa on a long stretch of sandy beach with lush gardens, staff and more.

Who to know: Marina Gratsos, of Carpe Diem Luxury Travel, has all the hook ups in this part of Mexico and can arrange boat trips, restaurant outings and hikes into the interior, anything in fact that you wish.




If being like Robinson Crusoe is your dream but without having to fend for yourself then this private island close to Singapore and Bintan is as idyllic as it gets. The surrounding sea is a marine sanctuary where you can spend hours snorkelling or merely laze in a hammock slung between beautiful palms.

Your bed in the trees: Sleep in authentic driftwood beach huts (with ensuite baths and showers natch), or try one of two tree houses or even sleep under the stars in one of the stunning Balinese day beds out on the sand.

Who to know: Lorenzo Urra, of Global Nomad, knows all you need to know about Indonesia and how to get the most of your island experience.




One of Uganda’s most incredible areas, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, is simply spectacular, primeval and as wild as it gets. Take a guide during the day for a jungle visit to one of the last spots where you can view the great apes, mountain gorillas, untamed and alive in their natural habitat.

Your bed in the wild: Stay at the eco-sensitive Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge, separate from the jungle by nothing more than a small stream. Your room has a terrace facing the jungle canopy where you can spot chimpanzees and monkeys as well as plentiful other wildlife jumping from tree to tree.

Who to know: Praveen Moman, of Volcanoes Safaris, a leading conservationist and the man behind a stunning selection of eco-safari lodges in Uganda and Rwanda.




Get active and get lost on one of the best but lesser known Greek islands out there, in a remote spot just around the corner from the sleepy fishing village of Naoussa. Here you’ll kite- and windsurf to your heart’s content, swim in dreamy waters and even jump on a yacht out to the incredible “The Blue Lagoon.”

Your bed on the island: The Paros 13Y villa sleeps 12 and feels like a bond villain’s hideout with an infinity pool to die for and views that will make you wonder like a child at the magic of the world.

Who to know: Ileana Von Hirsch of Five Star Greece can sort out pretty much anything you need on this Homeric island as well as your whole trip, and tell where you to go for the freshest and tastiest lobster spaghetti to be found anywhere on Paros.




Maussane is a little village at the foot of spectacular Alpilles low range of mountains in Provence, perfect for cycling and losing yourself in, filled with historic castle ruins like the Chateau des Baux and Roman ruins like those at Glanum. If you haven’t done it, do it.

Your bed in the hills: Maison Sereine is a superb villa, cut off from world yet close enough to Maussane to feel connected if needed. It sleeps six, is intimate as can be with secluded gardens and a basin-style pool that’ll have you living La Dolce Vita.

Who to know: Annie Flogaus of Just France knows France like the back of her hand and knows Provence even better. She’ll arrange every aspect of your trip from sorting you out with the latest bicycles to golf games and private dinners at local restaurants.




Arrowtown is close to the remote and breathtakingly beautiful Fjords of New Zealand. Here you can take a helicopter trip high up to view the stunning glaciers and if you’re lucky head down to land on a classic ship anchored in the rarely accessible Dusky Sound. Then go kayaking, fishing and dolphin watching.

Your bed in the mountains: Lodge at the Hills is a private villa on a private golf course in 500 acres of tranquil countryside with views of snow-capped mountains, glacial lakes and rolling hills. Breathe in the clean Arrowtown air and know that you are home.

Who to know: Lisa Hayden and Fiona Stevens of MajorDomo are the peeps to fix your New Zealand escape. And they will only fix the best.