To name your company Greatness you have to be certain you will be providing 100% top-notch luxury service. Isabel Benjumea, founder and CEO of UV member and luxury Spanish property rental and concierge firm Greatness, does just that and more. But don’t take our word for it – Greatness has just won the highly prestigious Robb Report Best of the Best award in the luxury travel category. Here’s how Greatness all began.


“I’ve always been passionate about Spain – its rich culture, heritage, land and people. It’s a nation full of hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered and I’ve always wanted to show that to the world.

“I grew up in a well-connected family of intellectuals constantly meeting the most fascinating people and discovering some of the most beautiful places, experiences and private homes in Spain. It always felt natural to me that I’d find a way to bring this background into my career.

“In 2010, after completing a Law and International Relations degree at ICADE in Madrid and further degrees in History at the universities of Cambridge and Georgetown and working at numerous international institutions including the World Bank, I decided to put my knowledge, connections and passion for Spain and its cultural heritage to use in the form of Greatness.

“And today five years later we’ve gone from strength to strength offering personalized experiences, activities and stays at arguably the most exclusive castles, villas and private homes in Spain. And it’s that level of service that has led to our success.

“I personally visit and identify every single property in Greatness’s portfolio demanding only the highest standards and encouraging the owners’ engagement in order to offer that unsurpassed service to our customers. And that’s the key – every single property is exclusive to Greatness and offers the utmost privacy and luxury.

Greatness-El-Pinar-Country-House-1024x681Stay at El Pinar Country House in Ávila, once home of Marquis of Valdueza

“In order to keep ahead of the game and continue to generate new experiences and ideas, when I am not in the office in Madrid I spend a lot of time travelling through the country. It’s something I love to do, meeting my local partners and seeking out unknown hidden treasures, special parts of the country few people know about, finding unique local restaurants, architectural highlights and planning special historical and cultural tours. Spain has so much to offer and we need to share it with the world. When I am not on the road I supervise every single booking at Greatness to provide that exclusive luxury service Greatness has come to be known for.

“My goals for the future? Reaching excellence. My team and I are very proud of our service but there’s always room for improvement. For example, I am particularly in love with the north of Spain, an area that’s much less known than the south, major cities and coastal areas and I want to increase our presence there.

Greatness-Castilla-Country-House-2-1024x683Sunset at the pool of Castilla Country House in Castellar de Santiago

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned it is that nothing compares to personal and high end service. Our aim is provide that unforgettable individual and unique vacation experience for all our clients, paying attention to every detail and accommodating – and exceeding – every need. That’s what myself and the team at Greatness take pride in. And that’s why our clients keep coming back.

“My best experience with Greatness? Continuing to discover the magic of Spain. I thought I knew my country but my incredible adventure with this company has shown me there is so much more.”


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As told to Ramsay Short