Andrew LoydNo one knows better how to embrace the lifestyle of an English Lord than UltraVilla founding member and Director of Loyd & Townsend Rose, Andrew Loyd. And if you’re visiting one of LTR’s castles or manor houses you’ll want to know exactly how to live it, he says.

The secret of embracing the lifestyle of the true English country gent is to breitling replica always remember that less is more. English country squires are by definition low key and unassuming, generous but never flash, hearty but never boisterous and always considerate of those less fortunate. Driving an old Land Rover defender is preferred to a brand new range rover, an aged and much loved battered cap rather than a shiny new hat, mud spattered wellies rather than some French number and a glass of ‘something rather good’ that can be found in Aldi. The true English country gent may indeed own half the county but would loathe anyone to know and inclusion in some vulgar wealth list would cause deep shame.

Whilst fast becoming a small minority in the ever increasing ‘urbanisation’ of the countryside, LTR can offer a glimpse into the lifestyle of the true country gent. The success of Downton Abbey clearly illustrates the continuing fascination with this bygone era and it is a world worth exploring.

So the perfect Loyd & Townsend Rose English country weekend involves settling into a Georgian or Victorian manor house with your family for a weekend of long walks, rural pursuits like clay pigeon shooting or fishing the local trout pond and allowing plenty of time for leisurely lunches either in the portrait bedecked dining room or on the terrace overlooking the garden. A nap after lunch under the willow tree, followed by little croquet , a large slice of sponge cake with your Earl Grey at tea time and a final dip in the pool. A little cocktail before dinner and games afterwards – racing demon, Boggle, Trivial pursuits – whatever appeals. Quality time with friends & family, snuggling by a roaring log fire, lots of laughter and telling funny stories, is the feedback we like to get and the atmosphere we try to create. In the frenetic world of the 21st Century, the tranquillity of an English estate is something to be treasured. No sirens, minimal light pollution, erratic mobile signal, all leads to a good night’s sleep and an inner peace.

Where to stay: Loyd & Townsend Rose have a truly incredible selection of properties available and can arrange perfect English country gent pursuits from an afternoon of falconry to a day on the finest Scottish links. Check out some of their homes here