Mahé: A pocket guide

Mahé is the largest of the 125 islands in the Seychelles archipelago. It is a granite mountain top sticking out of the Indian Ocean making resulting in a varied landscape dominated by dramatic rock formations.

The South of Mahe still has some virgin areas of indigenous forest cover.

Seychelles is known as an expensive upmarket destination. In recent years a range of new airlines have started scheduled flights into Mahe and visitor arrivals have increased from 100 000 some five years ago to 300 000. The corresponding developments, especially in the North of Mahe are of concern as far as it becoming a mass tourism setting.

The tropical climate of the Seychelles can mean rain showers at regular intervals interspersed with lots of sunshine.

Various tour operators and concierge services can provide quotes and packages for excursions to a wide range of outer islands of the Seychelles which are mostly coralline and as such quite different from Mahe and Praslin. Sailing and Fishing excursion from various locations on Mahe can also be booked by the butler in residence.

There is a range of beaches where snorkeling is superb and diving equipment is available at several hotels on the East and West coast.