Your perfect villa.
Your ideal day.
The best vacation of your life.

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Your perfect villa. Your perfect day. The best vacation of your life. One-of-a-kind Italian villa vacations are Homebase Abroad’s raison d’etre. Homebase Abroad is not simply a list of high-end properties but a curated selection of aesthetically-stunning luxury villas that are inspected seasonally by Mara Solomon. Since 1995 Mara’s collection has expanded throughout the country to include exceptional villas set in the rolling vineyards of Chianti, on the elegant waterfront of Lake Como and on the Amalfi Coast with awe-inspiring views of the Mediterranean sea. Mara and her team will spend hours getting to know you and your preferences in order to create the vacation itinerary best suited to your needs. Once there, you’ll meet all the right people, from chefs to artisans to winemakers, who will allow you to immerse yourself in the local culture. Villa travel is about more than picking a house, it’s about thoughtful planning and a carefully constructed itinerary. For the perfect Italian villa in the ideal place at the best time, Homebase Abroad is your first (and last) port of call. Relaxation guaranteed.

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