The incredible Luna 2 Private Hotel

In the second of our daily in depth looks at some of UltraVilla’s most spectacular properties we head to Bali where the Luna 2 Private Hotel truly sets the pace, a luxury modernist hipster dream.


Bali is beautiful and the Balinese some of the most gracious people on earth, the chosen guardians of the Palau Dewata, the Island of the Gods.

Visit the vibrant countryside and you’ll find a theatre of dance, prayer and mystery. Here, you might be drawn to the haunting rhythms of village gamelan orchestras or wander past lithe woman carrying baskets of fruit offerings upon their heads to temples, and even join in a local celebration filled with laughter and joy.

At the sophisticated beach resorts of Kuta and, in the case Luna 2’s location, Seminyak, you’ll find a stunning coastal paradise that will surround you in beauty and leave you asking the question, “Why don’t I live in Bali all year round?”

iStock_000038986518_MediumReflection at Seminyak beach,

The Luna 2 Private Hotel – named after the first spacecraft to land on the moon – is something special. In contrast to the majority of properties on the prime beachfront at Seminyak, architect David Wahl’s design and owner Melanie Hall’s retro-modernist interiors of this five-bedroom property are spectacular and unique.

10-yellow-bedroom-1024x906Buddha watches over you in the Yellow Bedroom

Inside is all funky 1960s-inspired custom-designed furnishings couple with modern art prints and nostalgic design classics matched with a luxury 21st century touch. A broad spectrum of materials, textures, and prints, including walnut veneers, solid acrylics, and vintage European wallpapers as well as Bisazza mosaics throughout, combine to make a magical space. There’s even a mosaic of Marilyn Monroe in her iconic white dress on the bottom of the 20-meter pool.

5-Marilyn-day-1024x683Dive into Marilyn

Washington-based architect David Wahl’s design of Luna 2 is futuristic and filled with light and staying here you always get the feeling you at the forefront of modern architecture. All the bedrooms are ensuite and any stay at Luna 2 – it sleeps 10 people give or take so is perfect for families, groups of friends and couples – comes with full 24-hour service from up to 20 attentive staff. And that includes top cooks, barmen, waiters, housekeepers, spa therapists, a kids’ coordinator, drivers and security guards. In fact the Luna 2 drivers are available round the clock to take you anywhere across Bali in the Luna Mobile at your whim.

One of the best aspects is the private access to the Indian Ocean on Seminyak beach, and you’ll be tempted to spend every night of your stay enjoying outdoor dinners cooked up by the exceptional culinary team and then wondering down to the sea cocktail in hand for a midnight swim.

iStock_000072703615_MediumSurfboards on Seminyak beach,

The staff at Luna 2 can meet any request – be that private yoga sessions on your balcony or personal training sessions on the beach or something more adventurous from elephant rides in the national forest or sunrise treks up Mount Batur. And when you know you’ll be returning to this incredible villa after a day of dune buggy racing or cliff jumping to have a private massage and dip in the pool Seminyak becomes an even more attractive destination.

What was that question again… “Why don’t I live in Bali all year round?”


15-chefs-table-683x1024The Chef’s Table at Luna 2 Private Hotel 


14-orange-bathroom-853x1024The Orange Bathroom with it’s stunning mosaic tiled walls


9-green-bedroom-1024x683A view of the Indian Ocean form the Green Bedroom


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